My Story

Laura Watson Dance Addicts


Laura Watson is the addict behind Dance Addicts!

Greetings fellow dancers! My name is Laura Watson and I'm a dance addict. No, I don't need a 12-step recovery program....I love indulging my passion!

I didn't start dancing until my 40's. But once I started, I was hooked! I love social dancing and usually get out every weekend. I'm also an active competitor in Ballroom and now Country dancing.

In addition to improving my dance skills, I love traveling and attending dance events. I've been to the US Open Swing Dance Championships, I traveled with friends on a Dancing With The Stars Cruise and I had a blast at dance camp in New York.



I'm always searching the internet for dance clothes, events and holidays. And since I'm always looking for stuff for myself, I figured I could help fellow dancers find stuff too.


I created Dance Addicts to help you (and me) indulge our passion! As I continue to discover what the world of dance has to offer I'm bringing my discoveries to you. So, browse around and take some time to learn about products, events, camps, holidays and cruises happening throughout the world.  Enjoy!


Have fun dancing and always indulge your passion!